Psychologists develop new suicide concept to help people.

Michael Church, Ph.D. and Charles Brooks, Ph.D. have noted the growing number of people in American society who have uncertainties about the reasons for living.

Mike Church and Charles BrooksThese people do not necessarily want to kill themselves, but at the same time they question the value of living.

Diagnosed with traditional problems like depression, addictive personality, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders, and overwhelmed with prescriptions for psychiatric medications, these people fail to improve and often descend into deeper and deeper frustration and despair.

Psychologists Church and Brooks (authors of How Psychology Applies to Everyday Life, Greenwood Publishing), say these people are suffering from SUBTLE SUICIDE, and their book on the topic has been published by Praeger Publishing.

Subtle suicide develops when people are unsure about how to handle stress in their lives. Church and Brooks have also developed the concept of STRESS ENHANCEMENT to show people how to handle stress better and avoid falling into the subtle suicide zone.

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